The big question

Is the government’s spending review good news for social

Len Smith
Gypsy Traveller Law Reform Coalition

The increase in social housing funding is barely adequate but the
problems facing gypsies and travellers are worse due to the removal
of the duty on local authorities to provide sites. The government
should allocate funds under social accommodation schemes, to
provide residential and transit sites.

Jaya Kathrecha

I’m involved with our local mental health trust and it always seems
that any extra cash just gets absorbed at a higher level and it
never reaches the areas where it is most needed. Integrated
services just seems to lead to more managers. No one seems to be
monitoring what happens to funding.

Karen Shook
Disability equality adviser

Brown has increased spending on the NHS in order to meet waiting
list election promises. Money is targeted on acute services,
forcing community health and social care services to make cuts.
This is at odds with government support for preventive and
community help which maintains people’s independence.

Peter Beresford
Mental health service survivor

It’s the old story – pro rata, less to social care than to health.
More important, how much of the spend is reaching service users and
providing the support for them to live more independently? It’s
time to audit social care spending to see how far it secures
service users’ rights, opportunities and quality of life.

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