Star rating: 4/5.

Although this website is aimed at doctors, I was, despite my scepticism pleasantly surprised at its usefulness, writes Kathryn Evans.

Except for the site’s requirement that users register, there are surprisingly few irritating moments.

I chose some learning plans and found a very readable account of GP appraisal and good medical practice. It was heartening to read that an unacceptable GP was someone who did not meet members of their primary care team and did not encourage staff development. I was able to link this with the useful learning plan on how to deal with difficult doctors, which was clearly written and useful for non-GPs.

The section on applying for a new job, with its handy tips, was universally applicable to a variety of jobs. Although I was frustrated with the refusal of the learning plans to let me return to a previous page, the plans were short enough to make it easy to go through them again to find the relevant section. Printing relevant sections was also an easy task.

The site currently has open access but will be restricted from January.

Kathryn Evans is a senior nurse.

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