Desperate asylum seeker cuts himself because of extended custody

    An asylum seeker who has been detained in a prison for over a
    year and a half after his criminal sentence finished has seriously
    cut him self in despair, it was alleged this week,
    writes Amy Taylor.

    Sue Conlan, from Tyndallwoods solicitors said that her client,
    23-year-old Kais Hadi, had cut himself earlier this month when
    prison officers attempted to move him to another prison.

    “When they came to take him to another prison, not even to an
    immigration detention, it was the last straw for him and he hurt
    himself in his despair,” said his wife, Soumia

    Conlan said Hadi was arrested and charged for fraud offences in May
    2002, convicted in July and due to be released in January 2003 but
    was then transferred to Blakenhurst prison and held under the
    Immigration Act.

    Conlan said Hadi has had his asylum claim refused and that his
    appeal against the decision finished in April 2004. She added that
    the Home Office has issued a decision to deport him but he is
    currently appealing against this and has launched a fresh claim for

    Hadi is still in prison despite the agreement of the Immigration
    Service in April 2004 to transfer him to a detention centre, she

    A Home Office spokesperson said that they did not comment on
    individual cases.

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