Minister rejects regional boards

    Home Office minister Paul Goggins has announced that the Probation
    Service will continue to be managed by 42 probation areas for the
    foreseeable future.

    In a statement Goggins said that, following two consultation
    exercises, an immediate move to create new regional boards was
    “unlikely to deliver better management of offenders and better

    Instead, he said he wanted to focus on introducing the concept of
    end-to-end offender management and that the best way at present to
    achieve this was through the existing 42 probation boards.

    Napo’s general secretary Judy McKnight said the “wholesale
    reorganisation of the probation service in order to expose it to
    the threat of privatisation” had never been the way to achieve an
    integrated prosecution service pivotal to an effective
    community-focused justice system.

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