Trafficking booklet for social care staff

    Information on child trafficking is set to be included in a booklet
    informing people who work with children what to do if they suspect
    a child is being abused.

    The measure has come out of a meeting earlier this month between
    the campaigning group End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and
    the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes UK and children’s
    minister Margaret Hodge.

    Ecpat acting campaigns co-ordinator Carron Somerset said that the
    new version of the booklet would be made available to all social
    workers. The move follows her earlier report on how social services
    in London deal with child trafficking, which found that social
    workers often felt they needed more information on the issue.

    Somerset said she was pleased with the decision but said there was
    “some reluctance” from the minister to acknowledge the scale of
    child trafficking in the UK and therefore the need for dedicated
    support for social workers.

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