Tuesday 3 August 2004

By Amy Taylor, Shirley Kumar, Clare Jerrom and Alex

Sion Jenkins is bailed after six years in jail

Sion Jenkins, the former teacher who spent six years in jail for
the murder of his foster daughter, Billie-Jo, was granted bail
yesterday pending a retrial.

Jenkins was freed on bail after his conviction was deemed unsafe by
the Old Bailey.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 3 August page 5

Bus driver killed girl passenger who refused sex

A bus driver was sentenced to a minimum 12-years imprisonment at
Plymouth Crown Court for strangling a teenager to death because she
refused to have sex with him.

Lee Holbrook admitted killing 18-year-old Alicia Eborne.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 3 August page 8

Phone ‘showed Soham officer lied’

A Soham detective accused of downloading images of porn was found
to be lying about his alibi, mobile phone records show.

DC Brian Stevens told police he was staying with a friend, 100
miles from the police convalescence home where he was supposed to
have downloaded the images.

However, records show he used his phone in around the home the same

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 3 August page 8

We can have any child in the world in this house,
except our son’

Emma and Martin did what any parent would do when thy found a lump
on their baby’s head: they took him to their GP, who sent
them to the local hospital. Doctors called social services and the
little boy was taken into care and his adoption has now been

Cassandra Jardine speaks to the parents about their nightmare
– and hears how a closed and seemingly inflexible system
might be reformed.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 3 August page

Immigration managers bullied black colleague

A black woman working in the Home Office Immigration and
Nationality Directorate (IND) has won her claim of racial

The employment tribunal unanimously ruled that the Home Office
discriminated against Davaline McKenzie after hearing senior
officials failed to investigate two-years of bullying and

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 3 August page 6

NHS reforms a prescription for disaster, says

Reforms made to the NHS would be as disastrous as rail
privatisation, warned Professor Allyson Pollock of University
College London.

Unless the government has a change of heart, it will drastically
undermine healthcare provision, she revealed in her book due out
next week.

Source:- The Financial Times Tuesday 3 August  page

NHS to cut down on standards red tape

A large part of paperwork generated from maintaining standards
within the NHS has been scrapped, reducing the workload for NHS

The Controls Assurance regime covering 22 standards such as
purchasing, supply and transport management is to be axed.

Source:- The Financial Times Tuesday 3 August page 4

Gypsies mustn’t suffer, says judge

Romanies have flouted planning regulations and brought fear to a
village…yet a court rules moving them on would cause them too
much hardship

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 3 August page 10

Travellers given £90,000 to talk to each other

A team of travellers are to be paid £90,000 of
taxpayers’ money to ask other travellers living in a
Cambridgeshire village where they would like to live.

The people of Cottenham are unhappy about the measures. They have
fought for 18 months to stop travellers settling permanently on
land next to them.

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 3 August  page 10

Mired in corruption

This man exposed an immigration scandal. He got his cards this
week. Here, he talks frankly to the Mail

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 3 August page 13

Drinking a bigger crisis than drugs say school heads

Drinking is a bigger problem amongst school pupils than drugs
according to school heads in new research.

A survey of 120 secondary school heads carried out by the BBC Six
O’Clock News found that 42 per cent of heads rated alcohol
the biggest menace – far higher than those who saw drugs as more of
a problem.

Only 15 per cent said neither was an issue.

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 3 August page 14

The lottery where you pick the good causes

A new type of national lottery will give players the chance to
choose which charities benefit from their tickets.

The Chariotlottery, due to be launched in October, will be
internet-based. The City businessmen behind it believe it will
attract people disillusioned with the way National Lottery money is
given out to good causes.

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 3 August page 18

Scottish newspapers

Reliance given added duties

Troubled security firm Reliance Custodial Services is set to take
on additional prison escort and court custody duties.

The firm will take over work in Argyll and Bute, Dunbartonshire and
Ayrshire from tomorrow.

There have been 21 mistaken releases from Scottish courts since
Reliance took over escort duties at some courts in April this

Five errors are still under investigation and the firm admits
responsibility for seven of the remaining 16.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 3 August

Scotland’s Homeless World Cup team wins praise

Scotland’s Homeless World Cup football squad returned from
the competition yesterday after finishing fourth.

The new Homeless World Cup champions are Italy who defeated Austria
4-0 in the final at Gothenburg on Sunday evening.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 3 August

Inmates lose fight to stop slopping-out

Seven prisoners lost a legal bid to prevent them having to
“slop out” of their cells at Edinburgh’s Saughton

The group wanted the court to grant them orders guaranteeing access
to proper toilets because slopping-out was

But Lord Carloway said he would refuse to grant the interim orders
at this stage in proceedings. The prisoners could still win
pay-outs as the courts have still got to rule on their claims for

Source:- Evening News  Monday 2 August

Whistle-blowers to get job protection

Contracts between Edinburgh Council and charities are to include
whistle-blowing procedures in future in a bid to protect staff who
try to expose wrongdoing.

The move follows a battle between a homeless charity and two senior
employees who have been suspended for the past six months after
making allegations of “financial mismanagement”.

The Four Square charity has since had the allegations quashed by an
auditor brought in by charity chiefs.

In a confidential paper, the recommendation to add new rules to any
deals with voluntary sector organisations was agreed by the
council’s executive committee this week.

Source:- Evening News  Monday 2 August

Welsh newspapers

Revealed: English patients jump Welsh NHS

People in Wales are losing out to English patients jumping
queues and receiving treatment in Welsh hospitals.

There are calls for an inquiry after a woman from Norfolk
received immediate orthopaedic treatment at the Caerphilly District
Miners Hospital, while Welsh patients were forced to wait in

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 3 August page 1

Courts hit by access demos

Family court proceedings in Wales were disrupted yesterday
during a series of protests by campaigners who want to see fathers
have equal access to children following divorce or

Campaigners from the pressure group Fathers4Justice took part in a
UK-wide demonstration outside family courts and the offices of
Cafcass, the Children and Family Court Advisory Service.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 3 August page 2

Hutt hopes extra cash will put an end to dental

Welsh assembly health minister, Jane Hutt said she never wants
to see people queuing for a dentist again in Wales and she has
announced funding for nine more dental training places in

Those areas that are currently suffering most difficulty with
patients registering with an NHS dentist will share a £510,000
sticking plaster to increase access.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 3 August page 9


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