The big question?

Do you support the tightening of the asylum rules in the
government’s new bill?

Len Smith

The bill is evidence that this government is jerked by the puppet
string of the prejudiced gutter press. Blatant misreporting has
whipped up frenzy against these vulnerable people, allowing
government to seem to act in response to public demand. Some of the
new provisions directly contradict the ethos of asylum.

Jaya Kathrecha

Yes, I support stricter rules. Too much of the resources go to
asylum seekers. My son has a mental illness and I walked into
social services and virtually begged for help. They asked me if I
was an asylum seeker. When I said no they said they couldn’t help.
I think that sort of thing creates ill-feeling against asylum

Ibrahim Koroma
Asylum seeker

I’m trying hard to survive and you feel the authorities are
cracking down more and more. My case is dragging on and I’ve been
staying at a friend’s flat for more than a year now, sharing a
bedroom. If he gets tired of me I would have nowhere to go and
nothing to live on and that scares me a lot.

Joan Scott
Director, Action Unlimited

I think the rules are too strict. When I heard about the idea of
taking children of asylum seekers into care I thought “that’s bad”.
OK, they have to be aware of public opinion and not let too many
in. But I can’t believe they would turn families on to the streets
and then take their children off them. And surely that’s going to
cost more money.

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