Monday 9 August 2004

    By Shirley Kumar, Clare Jerrom and Alex

    Child abuse expert rebuked – but stays on the

    Paediatrician David Southall who accused Stephen Clark of
    smothering his two babies on the basis of a Channel 4 Dispatches
    programme escaped being struck off the medical register.

    Southall, who was banned from carrying out child protection work
    for three years, could still be struck off as he faces another
    General Medical Council hearing in January following complaints
    from seven sets of parents who say he wrongly accused them of

    Source:- The Guardian, Saturday 7 August,  page 1

    Couple accused of abuse suffered 17 years anguish

    Six of the seven sets of parents who claim David Southall wrongly
    accused them of child abuse have had their children taken away from

    Source:- The Guardian, Saturday 7 August, page 6

    Paediatricians fear children will suffer

    Paediatricians warned the verdict on David Southall would
    discourage young doctors from working to protect children as well
    as intensify attacks on their profession.

    Source:- The Guardian, Saturday 7 August, page 6

    Gunrunner hid behind youth job

    Mark Smith who worked with juvenile offenders for Hammersmith and
    Fulham council was jailed for eight years after using his position
    to hide his gunrunning operation.

    Smith of Luton, Bedfordshire was convicted of conspiracy to sell or
    transfer prohibited weapons and of possessing them at the Old

    Source:- The Telegraph, Saturday 7 August, page 2

    Media ban on Sion Jenkins

    Sion Jenkins the former deputy headteacher facing a retrial for the
    murder of his foster daughter, Billie Jo has been banned from any
    contact with the media.

    Source:- The Telegraph, Saturday 7 August, page 7

    Policeman is cleared of raping friend after 15

    Policeman Brian Kelly suffered a miscarriage of justice when he was
    sentenced to six years in prison for raping a female friend in
    Largs, Scotland in 1989, judges at the Court of Criminal Appeal in
    Edinburgh ruled.

    New evidence showed a risk of cross-contamination of DNA samples
    used for genetic profiling.

    Source:- The Times, Saturday 7 August, page 7

    Ministers ask for teenagers’ idea of heaven

    Teenagers will be asked what the Government can do to stop them
    hanging around street corners in the evenings.

    The Youth Green Paper, planned for the autumn, will consult

    Source:- The Times, Saturday 7 August, page 11

    BNP could lose top spot advantage on ballot

    The British National Party could lose its place at the top of the
    European election ballot paper following claims it benefits from
    thousands of extra votes just because of its name.

    The Electoral Commission will recommend that the listed parties
    should be decided by lot rather than alphabetically.

    Source:- The Financial Times, Saturday/Sunday 7/8 August,
    page 2

    Still the world’s asylum capital

    A survey of the G8 industrialised nations by the Organisation for
    Economic Co-operation and Development shows Britain as top of the
    asylum capitals.

    Britain received slightly more asylum applications than America,
    and well above France and Germany.

    Source:- The Daily Mail, Saturday 7 August, page 18

    Child murder inquiry

    A 24-year-old woman and 25-year-old man are being questioned over
    the alleged murder of 18-month-old Jordan McGann of Shard End,

    She was admitted to Birmingham city hospital with serious head

    Source:- The Telegraph, Sunday 8 August, page 2

    Pensioner attacked in memorial park

    Police are appealing for help to catch a sex attacker who assaulted
    an 85-year-old woman in the Peace Garden, Pinner Memorial Park,
    north-west London.

    Source:- The Telegraph, Sunday 8 August, page 2

    Inter-racial tension in Britain ‘at worst level for
    50 years’

    A television documentary to be broadcast tomorrow is expected to
    show racial tension between different ethnic groups at its worst
    level for 50 years.

    The programme, portraying racial tension in Walsall, will be
    screened at 11pm on Channel Four tomorrow.

    Source:- The Telegraph, Sunday 8 August, page 4

    Put your autistic children into a primary school or
    we’ll prosecute, families are told

    East Sussex council has threatened parents who set-up a special
    school for their autistic children with prosecution for failing to
    send them to a mainstream primary school.

    The council ruled the local primary school was adequate for the

    Source:- The Telegraph, Sunday 8 August, page 10

    Fury at ban on HIV help for refugees

    Specialists on a key health committee have refused to help draw up
    plans that would lead to thousands of refugees being refused
    life-saving treatment for HIV on the National Health Service.

    Officials are preparing a fresh set of guidelines for GPs which
    would stipulate that people whose asylum cases have been rejected
    or who have not yet submitted an application to the Home Office
    must not be given routine care.

    Source:- The Observer, Sunday 8 August, page 1

    Stay calm everyone, there’s Prozac in the drinking

    The anti-depression drug Prozac can be found in Britain’s
    drinking water because it is being taken in such large

    The discovery raises fresh fears GPs are over prescribing the

    Source:- The Observer, Sunday 8 August, page 1

    ’Real life’ prison documentary to tell
    Louise’s tragic story

    A fly on the wall documentary series about life in Bullwood Hall
    women’s prison will be shown as the final part of the Real
    Bad Girls on ITV on Thursday at 10pm.

    The documentary will show Louise Davis who suffered mental health
    problems but died after being moved from Bullwood Hall in Essex to
    New Hall near Wakefield.

    Source:- The Observer, Sunday 8 August, page 7

    Children at risk of big-stake gambling

    Children are being exposed to hardcore high stakes gambling through
    family amusement arcades, warn ministers.

    The exposure is due to new internet-based games allowing players to
    stake up to £500 that slipped through a loophole in the

    Source:- The Observer, Sunday 8 August, page 11

    No 10 to organise parenting lessons

    Fears that parents are doing a worse job of rearing children than
    previous generations have prompted the Government to make
    state-sponsored parenting classes available to all.

    The initiative is to be outlined in a consultation paper by
    Children’s minister Margaret Hodge next month.

    Source:- The Sunday Times, Sunday 8 August, page 7

    Dumped dads left holding the baby

    The number of women abandoning their husbands and children to start
    new lives has risen to an all time high, show government

    The trend revealed by the Office for National Statistics shows
    326,000 father only families in 2001 compared to hardly any in

    Source:- The Sunday Times, Sunday 8 August, page 13

    My hospital sex terror at the hands of male nurse

    A teenager has told how she was subjected to a sex assault by a
    male nurse at Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow, Essex.

    The hospital denied it had failed in its duty of care.

    Source:- The Mail on Sunday, Sunday 8 August, page

    Howard blames fathers

    Conservative leader Michael Howard has blamed fathers for not
    having enough involvement with their sons.

    Howard said there had been a dramatic decline in personal
    responsibility whilst setting out the party’s policy on

    Source:- The Times, Monday 9 August, page 2

    Mother is cleared of murdering her babies

    A mother accused of murdering her babies on the basis of evidence
    from discredited paediatrician Sir Roy Meadow has been

    Julie Ferris, was convicted four years ago of smothering her

    Source:- The Times, Monday 8 August, page 5

    Toxic waste blamed for children’s

    Families have discovered a report which suggests councils hoped to
    ‘bury’ evidence of how a clean up operation to remove
    toxic waste was bungled.

    The waste allegedly in the dump in Corby, Northamptonshire, has
    been blamed for deformities in children.

    Source:- The Times, Monday 9 August, page 10

    Channel 4 to screen ‘hijacked’ by

    A television documentary showing Asian men grooming white girls for
    sex is due to be shown later this month.

    The Channel 4 Edge of the City documentary, focusing on the work of
    social workers in Bradford, West Yorkshire, was pulled in May
    because of police fears it would incite racial tension.

    Source:- The Guardian, Monday 9 August, page 4

    Five suicide attempts a day at Holloway

    Five women a day are committing suicide in Holloway prison.

    Campaigners fear this year will see the greatest number of female
    jail deaths since records began.

    Source:- The Guardian, Monday 9 August, page 5


    Scottish newspapers

    City chiefs failed to report on child risks

    Social work chiefs have been criticised for failing to produce an
    annual progress report on child protection issues.

    Chair of the children and young persons scrutiny panel Tom Ponton
    is calling on council bosses for a yearly progress report in
    response to the Edinburgh inquiry into child abuse in the

    The Edinburgh inquiry, which followed a scandal involving the abuse
    of youngsters at city children’s homes during the 1970s and
    1980s, made 135 recommendations – one of which was an annual
    report into the progress of the other recommendations.

    However, five years later, no such document has been

    Ponton claims that had all the recommendations of the Inquiry been
    implemented fully, some of the problems highlighted in the
    O’Brien report into the death of Caleb Ness could have been

    Source:- Evening News  Saturday 7 August

    Asylum legal aid bill hits £1m

    Scotland’s legal aid bill for immigration appeals has tripled
    in one year to almost £1m.

    Scottish lawyers claimed legal aid worth £967,000 last year,
    compared to just £304,000 the previous year.

    But despite a tripling in the cost of appeals, the number of cases
    heard rose by just a third from 1,854 to 2,431. A government
    spokesperson admitted that some lawyers were “abusing the

    Source:- Scotland on Sunday  Sunday 8 August

    McConnell didn’t back care plan, claims

    Jack McConnell was opposed to plans to introduce free personal care
    for older people when the plan was first mooted, a senior Labour
    figure has claimed.

    Sam Galbraith, who was environment minister in 2001 when the first
    minister Henry McLeish tabled the policy, claims that not one
    Labour colleague backed him up during Cabinet discussions.

    Galbraith, a long-time critic of the move, said McConnell, who was
    education minister at the time, was among those ho failed to
    support the first minister.

    Source:- Scotland on Sunday  Sunday 8 August

    Social work breeds ‘dependency

    Scotland’s social workers may be leading disadvantaged
    clients to rely on the state for help rather than stand on their
    own two feet, according to the chair of the Scottish
    executive’s review of the profession.

    William Roe, chair of the 21st century Social Work Group, said the
    issue of a dependency culture was just one of those the group would
    look at.

    Speaking ahead of the group’s first meeting, Roe also
    proposed using new technologies such as broadband to create virtual
    communities to help counter the “fragmentation and
    atomisation” of modern society.

    Source:- Sunday Herald  Sunday 8 August

    Fury as abuse victims denied official inquiry by

    The Scottish executive has been accused of betrayal by more than
    100 victims of institutionalised abuse in Scottish children’s
    homes as a result of its refusal to set up a public inquiry into
    the ill-treatment they suffered while in care.

    Abuse victims petitioned the executive asking for the legacy of
    abuse by priests, nuns and charity staff over recent decades to be
    tackled by setting up a public inquiry.

    However minister for education and young people Peter Peacock has
    refused to set up any inquiry claiming that he doesn’t
    believe it would “meet the needs of survivors or be in the
    public interest”.

    Survivors of historic abuse at places such as Quarriers and the
    Catholic Church’s Nazareth House are outraged at the
    government’s response.

    Source:- Sunday Herald  Sunday 8 August

    Free heroin on the NHS for addicts in

    The Scottish executive is considering controversial plans to give
    drug addicts heroin on the NHS.

    Senior health officials have been examining a number of radical
    approaches to tackling Scotland’s drugs crisis including the
    “Swiss model” of prescribing the drug in small doses to
    addicts suffering acute withdrawal.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Monday 9 August

    Warning over ‘alcohol through eye’

    Doctors yesterday warned of the dangers associated with a new craze
    of taking alcohol through an eye socket.

    Pubs and clubs are selling drinks to be taken through the eye
    because revellers believe they get them drunk quicker and stay in
    their system longer.

    But experts have warned that the method can leave the eye painful
    and bloodshot and overuse of the technique could lead to

    Source:- The Scotsman  Monday 9 August


    Meals to deliver more choice

    Older people could soon receive a new meals service to help
    improve their quality of life.

    Swansea council is proposing a new meals service to help combat the
    decline in the number of people using meals on wheels. The scheme
    that aims to offers healthy meals and more choice has the backing
    of Age Concern.

    Source Western Mail Monday 9 August page 2

    Elderly men injured in suspicious fire

    Two men were seriously injured in a fire that swept
    through a sheltered housing complex in Cardiff yesterday.

    The men aged 82 and 65 lived in separate flats within the complex
    and are now being treated in a hospital in Swansea. South Wales
    police believe that the fire was started deliberately and are
    carrying out a fingertip search of the property.

    Source Western Mail Monday 9 August page 5

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