Family Link: Deaf Carers for Deaf Children

Star rating: 5/5.

Calling the Shots for Bristol social services. E-mail or phone 0117 558 231, £19.99 inc p&p

This, the first recruitment video of its type in the country, encourages adult deaf carers to volunteer to offer respite care for deaf children, writes Lydia Savage.

The video contains no speech but most intermediate British Sign Language users could follow the signing and subtitles. Three deaf carers and their children explain and demonstrate the benefits to children’s language and identity. Rebecca Tadman of Channel 4’s Vee-TV provides continuity and explains the carers’ assessment and support. Two young service users also give their views.

This 20-minute video is a gem and should be used not only in the deaf community, but also with hearing social work students and mainstream foster carers to illustrate issues in deaf awareness.

Lydia Savage is a social worker.

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