Who wants a trust job?

Someone ought to run a sweepstake on how many existing social
services directors will still be in post in 2006 or, if the tension
can be borne, even 2008. This, of course, is the timetable for the
introduction of children’s trusts and their attendant children’s
services directors, most of whom are expected to be in post by 2006
with the rest two years later. The 64,000 dollar question is, who
will these people be? Not social services directors, it seems, or
at least not as many as you might think.

Many directors think running a children’s trust is a mug’s game.
They think many trusts will be too big and dominated by education
priorities to the exclusion of children’s welfare. As a fair number
of directors approach 50, they’re more likely to grab their
pensions than a new job. This would be a pity. A recent survey
suggested that most feel sufficiently qualified and experienced to
take over as children’s services director. And, if welfare services
are at risk, social services directors are best placed to defend

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