Programmes not reaching target group

Big Lottery Fund programmes aimed at vulnerable young people are
not reaching their target population, according to a report.

The “Activities for young people” programmes are
supposed to target those school leavers most at risk of losing
contact with education or training opportunities. However the
statistics suggest that this has not been achieved, states the

It finds that the programmes in England have found it difficult
to reach the intended young people. Almost three quarters of the
young people surveyed had already made a decision about their
future before being involved in the programmes and so did not
appear to be the target group – only 10 per cent did not have

However more than a third reported having had trouble with the
police while 30 per cent missed school by choice or as a result of

The report raises concerns about whether the programmes are
appropriate in England, suggesting that “small scale
intensive interventions” could be more successful.

However the participants spoke highly of the programmes and the
advice that they received, saying that their personal and social
skills improved.

A fifth changed their initial plans over the summer, mostly
deciding to go to college rather than get a job, and of those who
changed their plans over half said this was partly due to their
involvement in the programme.

In many areas the youth service was still running the programme,
even though Connexions has been expected to eventually take the
lead. It was found that the two services had different
perspectives, with the youth service focusing on personal and
social development and Connexions on “hard destination

Delivering activities for young people: achievements and
challenges in the second year from

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