Hard To Believe: Mental Health and Spirituality

Star rating: 5/5.

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A video which places spirituality as an integral part of people’s mental health recovery, rather than an expression of mental health distress, writes Patsy Tams. It shows a range of perspectives – personal testimony and professional – to explain this neglected area in mental health care, while highlighting research linking mental health and spirituality in a positive way.

It explores the need for the inclusion of spirituality within service delivery and of building bridges with various faith communities to find out how they may support people with mental distress. The central challenge posed by the film is for services to move away from a medical model to a holistic model of care, recognising that people have many and differing needs.

As a film that provides a balanced, integrated and compassionate view of the importance of spirituality in people’s recovery process, it is recommended as an important resource for mental health services, whether users, carers or professionals.

Patsy Tams is a mental health social worker.

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