Travel industry acts on sex tourism

    A charity has joined forces with the travel industry to crack down
    on sex tourism after Home Office-funded research showed 54 per cent
    of holidaymakers had witnessed it.

    End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking is working with
    the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) to provide
    information to people on how they can help prevent and protect
    children from abuse when they are on holiday.

    Research found that 75 per cent of people would report an incident
    while they were away, and a further 22 per cent on their return
    home. Only 3 per cent would not report it.

    As part of the scheme, people will be able to call Crimestoppers
    once they return home and report what they have seen. The Sexual
    Offences Act 2003, which came into force in May this year, means
    Britons who abuse children abroad can be prosecuted in the

    A spokesperson for ABTA said: “A lot of people involved in sex
    tourism travel independently but tour operators and clients could
    report things.”

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