Housing told to use behaviour contracts

    Housing associations last week were encouraged to use acceptable
    behaviour contracts when dealing with antisocial young

    A Housing Corporation spokesperson described the contracts as more
    inclusive and consultative than the harsher antisocial behaviour
    orders, as well as potentially more effective.

    In a circular issued to housing associations about how they should
    prepare their antisocial behaviour policies, required under the
    Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003, the corporation suggests that
    prevention should be an essential part of housing associations’

    The circular stresses that young perpetrators of antisocial
    behaviour often have problems with their family and school due to
    their behaviour. It says there may be a need to involve parents and
    guardians and obtain information from schools and social services
    in order to understand the causes of the young person’s

    Close partnership working with other agencies, such as social
    services, youth offending teams, police and drug action teams, is
    also recommended.

    – From www.housingcorp.gov.uk/

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