Tuesday 7 September 2004

By Shirley Kumar, Clare Jerrom and Alex

Brown ally quits in row over welfare reform

Work and Pensions secretary Andrew Smith has resigned amid claims
he was at odds with the government’s plans for welfare

Smith was alleged to be at uneasy about plans to change the rules
on invalidity benefit currently claimed by three million people.
His resignation has prompted a Cabinet reshuffle this week.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page 1

Places in care homes fall 10,000 in a year

Care homes for the elderly and disabled have fallen 10,000 in a
year bringing the total decline since 1996 to 89,000, revealed
consultants Laing and Buison in a report.

The report said there was no incentive to build new care homes
because fees from councils were too low.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page 2

Comprise on plan to lock up mental

Plans to detain dangerous mentally ill people will be unveiled in a
draft Mental Health Bill tomorrow.

The proposals are expected to be watered down due to an outcry from
more than 60 organisations.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page 4

Davis backs out of supporting book condemned as
‘Islamophobic rant’

Shadow home secretary David Davis was forced to climb down in
disowning a book by the immigration whistleblower Steve

Moxon decided not to support the book, classed as
‘Islamophobic rant’ at the last minute.

Source:- The Independent, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page

Black boys betrayed by racist school system, says

Research commissioned by London mayor Ken Livingstone shows black
schoolboys have been betrayed by education authorities for almost
50 years.

They are struggling to overcome racism from many of their own
teachers. Teachers lack of engagement with students of
African-Caribbean origin has contributed to massive

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page

People smugglers held

A gang of four have been arrested in Zeebrugge, Belgium, after
allegedly trying to smuggle 31 people into Britain.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page

Conditions at largest jail worsen

Conditions at Wandsworth Prison in South London have worsened since
a critical report 16 months ago.

The prison, the largest in the country, is holding inmates in ever
more cramped conditions due to a rise in prison population,
revealed the chief inspector of prison’s report.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page

Inquiry told of deadly

Blunders that may have resulted in the murder of an Asian prisoner
by his violent cellmate were revealed at a public inquiry

The inquiry heard prison officers failed to search the cell of
Robert Stewart who murdered Zahid Mubarek in March 2000, despite
finding a weapon in the cell weeks before the killing.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page

Church fury at mercy killing bill

Church leaders have condemned proposals to allow carers to help
people die.

The Roman Catholic and Church of England Bishops say the move
disclosed in the Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill, a private
members bill, is unnecessary and misguided.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page

Poorest children denied nursery

Poor children are not accessing nursery places because of post code
lottery, revealed the Commons Public Accounts Committee.

In the report published today, MPs said children from the worst off
homes were denied places because they lived outside the 20 per cent
of council wards deemed the poorest by the Department for Education
and Skills.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 7 September 2004,
page 2

Half of the migrants allowed to stay are joining their

Around 50 per cent of immigrants allowed to stay permanently in
Britain are here to reunite with their families, according to a
report commissioned by Shadow home secretary David Davis.

Out of 139,670 granted permanent settlement last year, 65,805 were
dependant relatives and 19,385 were given leave to stay for work
related reasons.

Source: The Daily Mail, Tuesday 7 September 2004, page

Scottish newspapers

Granite city’s bid to banish begging by fines and

Aberdeen is set to become the first local authority in Scotland to
outlaw begging from its streets.

The city is set to introduce a bylaw which would make it an offence
to beg in Aberdeen. Those found begging could face a fine or

Councillors will also be considering introducing a targeted support
and care scheme for beggars as part of a package of measures to ban
begging in the city.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 7 September

£2m crackdown on loan sharks aims to protect

A government-funded scheme to crack down on loan sharks who prey on
vulnerable people is set to be introduced in Glasgow.

The project, launched later this month, is aimed at tackling
criminal gangs who give out quick cash loans, often using
intimidation and threats of violence to extort large sums in

A team of eight investigators will work from Glasgow Council
offices and will receive tip-offs from community police officers
about illegal lenders operating across Scotland.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 7 September

Nursing home closes early after elderly residents are

Lynedoch Private Nursing Home in Edinburgh has been allowed to
close after all of its residents found new homes.

In July it emerged that the home owners had given some older
residents just a month to leave.

Following news of the planned closure, the Care Commission ordered
the home to remain open until mid-October to give families time to
make arrangements.

However, the home closed last week after all 67 residents found
alternative placements.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 7 September

MS patient who fought for right to use cannabis dies at

A multiple sclerosis sufferer who campaigned for the use of
cannabis for medicinal purposes has died at her home in

Biz Ivol died after a chest infection developed into pneumonia,
according to friends.

Ivol went on trial at Kirkwall Sheriff Court in June 2003 on
charges of cultivating, possessing supplying cannabis.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 7 September

Deaf wait 18 months for hearing aids

Some deaf patients in Edinburgh are being forced to wait 18 months
for hearing aids, according to a survey.

The study by the British Society of Hearing Aids Audiologists found
backlogs of clients at some hospitals meant patients were waiting
as long as four years.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 7 September

Suicide worry

Scots are twice as likely to commit suicide than the rest of the
population in the UK, a study has found.

The Scottish executive has launched a new body Choose Life, which
will be devoted to raising awareness of the extent of the

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 7 September

Job help for parents

Single parents in Midlothian are set to be offered advice on taking
steps back to employment in a series of information open days
organised by Jobcentre Plus.

A team of specialists will be offering information on the wide
range of help available including one-to-one support, help with CVs
and finding childcare and benefits help.

Source:- Evening News  Monday 6 September

Glasgow campaign aims to beat the bigots

A campaign to stamp out bigotry in Glasgow has been launched after
the number of race-related incidents in the city has risen by 13
per cent in the last year.

The council has launched a six-week campaign costing £218,000
to tackle racism and sectarianism and a spokesperson said more
schemes would follow under its zero tolerance of prejudice or
discrimination in any form.

A survey found two out of three Glaswegians believed bigotry
blights the city.

Source:- The Herald  Tuesday 7 September

Welsh newspapers

Hostels upgrade for the single homeless

Two community hostels in Monmouthshire are being renovated
to help tackle the growing problem of homelessness in the

Monmouthshire council hopes that the homes in Abergavenny and
Chepstow, which will be turned into hostels for single homeless,
people and provide 24-hour assistance to those in need will help
address the problem.

Source South Wales Argus Monday September 6 page 6

Best friend tells of Laura’s last moments

Teenager Rebecca Ling has described how she tried to save
the life of her best friend Laura Rhodes after changing her mind
about their suicide pact.

Rebecca and Laura both took an overdose of painkillers but Rebecca
changed her mind at the last minute and both girls were rushed to
hospital, where 13-year-old Laura was pronounced dead. The girls
met through the internet and had run away together after a family

Source Western Mail Tuesday 7 September page 1 

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