Directors wary of trust jobs

Uncertainty over how many directors of social services will take
up the top posts in children’s services is continuing to

There is widespread concern that many experienced social
services directors will take early retirement rather than apply for
children’s services directorships. It is believed that the
Department for Education and Skills envisages assistant directors
as the natural choice for the job. 

One London social services director said most directors would
not want the job because it was too big and too different from what
they did now. Many would prefer early retirement to a job with an
unknown scope, and assistant directors would be too inexperienced
for the step up.

Association of Directors of Social Services president Andrew
Cozens said there was “general  concern” that some
directors would be approaching retirement age – the average
age of a director is 50 – and others would choose to go
early. “It would help if the DfES would offer some clarity
over the role,” he added.

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