Abuse safeguards in schools agreed

New guidance on safeguarding children from abuse in education has
been welcomed by teachers as addressing many of the gaps that had
previously existed.

The guidance on protection of children in England from the
Department for Education and Skills follows a consultation exercise
earlier in the year. It takes on board concerns about which schools
were covered, and issues such as training and handling allegations
of abuse.

Child protection arrangements now specifically include special
schools, independent schools and further education institutes in
addition to all other state schools.

The guidance also makes clear that councils should ensure that
induction training for all new staff includes training on
safeguarding children. Staff with designated lead responsibility
for child protection will be expected to have refresher courses
every two years, and those without lead responsibility every three

National Association of Head Teachers president Rona Tutt said: “It
is a more co-ordinated approach and we think it is another step in
the right direction. However, it is often not until it is put into
practice that we see if there are gaps, and it will need to be kept
under review.”

– Guidance from www.teachernet.gov.uk/childprotection 

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