Bridget’s Taking A Long Time: A Journey Through Adoption From The Perspective Of A Birth Child

Star rating: 4/5.

Nicky Ball with Bridget Betts, Information Plus ISBN 0954461444, £39.95

This interactive story for children aged five to 12 is aimed at birth children of parents who are going through the adoption process, writes Michelle Langley.

Included on the disc is a video of young people who belong to adoptive families, worksheets and, of course, Bridget’s story.

A measure of its quality is that I found myself thinking of several children whom I feel would benefit from it, although the cost might mean that families cannot buy it for themselves and will need to rely on it as a professional resource.

With Bridget’s story there are lots of buttons to click and I have to admit to getting quite excited about what would be required of me next; always a good sign when considering holding a child’s interest. The story itself would perhaps help children in this situation to feel less isolated.

The worksheets are excellent and would be a superb tool when completing assessments on families with birth children, and also as a tool for supporting birth children once a child is placed with the family. Definitely one for the resource library.

Michelle Langley is senior practitioner, Adoptionplus.

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