Telling It Ourselves: An Oral History

Star rating: 5/5.

The Black Friendly Group, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
£15 (plus £2 p&p)

This video is a quite delightful and excellent piece of advocacy, writes Abiola Ogunsola.

Reading the booklet which accompanies the video first, I was struck by its unusual grammar.

This made me stop and engage with the content more consciously. In this way I was drawn in and enabled to really learn about the lives of black people with learning and physical disabilities.

The Black Friendly Group’s way of seeing their lives educated and moved me. Breaking the issues down to communicate a different reality gives the production a cleanness and beauty that is quite powerful.

I am definitely going to find a place for this video in my teaching about race and difference.

Abiola Ogunsola is a lecturer in communication and education.

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