Contraception – The Computer Game

Star rating: 3/5.

Information PLUS, £39.95

This is a computer game where young people can learn about “positive attitudes and actions in sexual behaviour”, writes Chantelle Gordon.

For up to six players, the game features 35 questions, 30 risks and 24 choices. Although young people can learn a lot from this game and have interesting discussions, the graphics and the purple background leave a lot to be desired. With game consuls like Playstation around it’s hard to keep 14-18 years olds entertained.

When you have a lot of players the game is finished quicker. This leaves space for learning other things, such as the four diagrams of the male and female anatomy where you have to name the parts of the male and female genitals: where by clicking on the magnifying glass the name of the body part pops up.

Chantelle Gordon is a teenage pregnancy prevention worker.

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