SEU to tackle persistent unemployment

A package of measures designed to tackle persisting pockets of
unemployment were outlined this week by Jeff Rooker, the minister
for social exclusion, writes Clare

A new study by the Social Exclusion Unit found that unemployment
in the 10th worst streets is 23 times higher than in the best, and
self-employment in these areas is half the rate of England as a

“Living in an area where there are many other workless
people can damage a person’s life chances, especially those
of children and young people,” said Rooker. “The
government is therefore committed to removing barriers to work for
those who can.”

The minister added that the government would build on what had
been achieved through welfare-to-work and regeneration.

“This could range from improving the social mix of
housing, better planning, extra childcare or providing more support
for self-employment to increase business start-ups in deprived
areas or more,” he said.

Actions in the study include more help for people wanting to
leave benefits and become self-employed and greater use of outreach
services and community-based advisers to help people with the most
complex problems.

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