Friday 24 September 2004

By Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex Dobson

Pupils sent home after racist chants

Parents of ethnic minority pupils are refusing to send their
children to school after up to 40 white pupils shouted “Pakis

The playground chanting at Parkside community technology college
came after racial tension at the school reached a peak.

The police have launched an investigation into the chanting. Around
20 ethnic minority children had to be moved into a classroom by
teachers to protect them before being sent home.

Source:- The Guardian Friday September 24 page 14

Runaway US girl is found in Scotland

A 15-year old girl who ran away to Britain from America has been
found unharmed in a hotel near Loch Ness. Wen Chen was traced after
she responded to an email from Sussex Police. She ran away from her
home in Rolla, Missouri after a row with her parents.

Source:- The Independent Friday September 24 page 25

£1m payout for tax credit mess

Almost £1 million in compensation has been paid out by the
Inland Revenue to people who experienced delays or mistakes in
receiving the child tax credit or the working tax credit. Thousands
of people received late or incorrect payments between April 2003
and August this year.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday September 24 page 5

More parents shun MMR jab

One in five two-year-olds are not having the MMR jabs, according
to figures from the Health Protection Agency yesterday.

Parents are choosing not to get their children vaccinated after
concerns that there is a link between the jab and autism and bowel
disease. The new figures are well below the peak level of take up
of 92 per cent of two-year-olds in 1995-96.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday September 24 page 5

Abuse inquiry into Huntley records chief

The chair of the police authority that destroyed records of sex
attacks by Ian Huntley is to be investigated over allegations of a
three-year campaign of sexual abuse against a boy.

Colin Inglis, the Labour leader of Hull city council and chair of
the Humberside Police Authority, will be investigated by police on
his own force. Previous investigations over possible sexual abuse
or inappropriate behaviour by Inglis have been carried out by
police and social services.

Source:- The Times Friday September 24 page 9

Scottish newspapers

Immigrants who keep Scotland’s economy firing

Thousands of foreign workers are supporting Scotland’s
economy and future growth is dependent on more immigrant

Workers from eastern Europe, the Baltic states and southern Europe
are leading a new wave of incomers to a number of industries
including building and catering.

The tide has been swollen by the EU expansion in May which saw 10
new countries boost the European population.

First minister Jack McConnell announced a string of measures
recently to make Scotland more attractive for skilled

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 24 September

Scandal of heroin addicts aged just 10

A study has predicted that there are at least 60 heroin addicts
under-13 in Glasgow and warned there could be many more.

The study by Glasgow University’s Centre for Drug Misuse
Research found that one in 20 pre-teen children is on drugs and
Professor Neil McKeganey, who led the research, warned that the age
profile will go lower.

The research found that family circumstances increased the danger
and youngsters with low levels of care where drinking and vandalism
were condoned were eight times more likely to take drugs than
children from “good” homes.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 24 September

Early release sex offender admits attempted rape of

A teenage sex offender who was under official supervision snatched
a toddler from her bed and tried to rape her, a court heard

James Campbell had served half of his three year sentence for an
earlier attack on a 91-year-old woman when he was released from
jail and placed under supervision. But the incident occurred just
two months after his release.

Campbell pleaded guilty to abducting the girl from her home in
Lanarkshire and to sexually assaulting and attempting to rape

He will be sentenced next month.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 24 September

City ready to run care home after death of woman

Social work chiefs have confirmed that they are prepared to take
control of a privately-run care home after police launched an
investigation into the death of an older resident.

Isabella McGregor died just hours after being removed from the
nursing home after concerns were raised about her condition. It is
understood social workers found that she was covered in bed

A senior council official has been placed on standby and will be
given responsibility for Ashley Court Nursing Home in Morningside
if the Care Commission for Scotland requests an intervention
following its investigation.

Source:- Evening News  Thursday 23 September

‘Use ex-addicts to teach pupils drug

Recovered drug addicts should teach children about the dangers of
taking drugs, according to one of Britain’s leading drugs

Professor Neil McKeganey, head of the Centre for Drug Misuse at
Glasgow University revealed analysis which showed drug use among
children has started at a younger age now than at any time in the

The research called for schools to develop new approaches including
targeting children showing signs of risky behaviour.

Source:- The Herald  Friday 24 September

Legal first as court jails antisocial neighbour

A man who breached his antisocial behaviour order has been jailed
for 60 days at Linlithgow Sheriff Court.

Thomas Spalding, who had been banned from his own home, admitted
breaking the order.

Spalding’s neighbours had complained to West Lothian Council
about his loud music and threatening behaviour. The asbo prevented
him from entering his street as well as his home address and he was
arrested after being found in his house.

Source:- The Herald  Friday 24 September

Welsh newspapers

Teens vote for ‘saviour

A jury of Welsh teenagers are set to tell the government that
parents should only be allowed to design a baby for medical

The group of 16 to 19-year-olds from south Wales who formed the
citizen’s jury, organised by the University of Glamorgan,
rejected the case for using controversial reproduction technologies
to select the sex of a child.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 24 September page 10

Age ‘not a factor to do a job’

An overwhelming nine out of 10 people say older people should be
able to carry on working, for as long as they want.

A Wales-wide survey commissioned by Age Concern Cymru found that
the majority of people are in favour of scrapping the mandatory age
for retirement and are happy to see older people carry on working,
as long as they are fit enough to do so.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 24 September page 10




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