Brown pledges affordable childcare and housing

Gordon Brown placed children at the centre of his speech at the
labour party conference this week.

The chancellor told delegates in Brighton that as long as a poor
child is more than 3 times more likely to die than a child born to
a privileged family the government could not be satisfied.

He pledge that the pre budget report would set out a plan for
high quality affordable childcare for all and nursery education
more suited to the parents needs.

He stressed that it was vital that childcare and children
services in every area listen to and meet the needs of both
children and parents.

As a result, the pre budget report will highlight how the
government will encourage and sponsor local forum to develop to
ensure parents’ voices are heard.

Parents will also be encouraged to stay at home for the first
year of their child’s life as the government would work to
ensuring twelve months paid parental leave in its next turn in

“We will not rest until the millions denied opportunities
can achieve their aspirations and until the 3 million children
living in poverty are growing up in a Britain where child poverty
has been eradicated for good” said Brown.

The chancellor added that the government would not be satisfied
until Britain’s public services “are reformed and

Brown also pledged to work with John Prescott to achieve
affordable housing for first time buyers and expand affordable
housing for key workers in public services.

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