The big question

Do you think Fathers4Justice are right to take direct
action to highlight their cause?

Len Smith
Gypsy activist

Fathers get a raw deal in some cases. There seems to be no means of
enforcing visitation orders, yet at the same time maintenance
orders are rapidly actioned when in default. But, I feel that
protests, while legitimate, should not take the form of stunts that
disrupt the lives of others, and are counterproductive.

Jean Stogdon
Grandparents Plus

As the mother of three sons I feel very strongly about this. If a
father is distanced from a child it is likely his whole network –
particularly the child’s grandparents – may become estranged and
that can be a huge loss. The direct action some fathers have taken
has put this issue on the political agenda.

Kierra Box
Young people’s campaigner

Direct action may be the only way that some fathers can get
attention. But these stunts don’t demonstrate the responsibility
required of a parent, but the petulance of a toddler. The needs and
wants of either parent should not override those of their children.
If my father acted in this way, I would be ashamed of him!

Angie Lawrence
Single parent

“I sympathise with the fathers. But Batman stunts do not lend
credibilty to their cause. Some fathers get a raw deal – but so do
thousands of mothers who live in poverty. Perhaps if F4J focused
its energy on the thousands of dead-beat dads that give fathers a
bad name in the first place, things might improve”.

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