The big question

Has the Disability Discrimination Act made a difference
to disabled people’s lives?

Shaun Webster
CHANGE self-advocacy group

The Act is not working. Shops could do more to be accessible,
especially for people with learning difficulties. They could use
pictures, easy words and colour codes to help you find your way
around. Little shops are the worst – they hardly do anything for
disabled people and it makes life harder.

Karen Shook
Disability equality adviser

The Act has made a difference to many disabled people’s lives and
enabled them to challenge discrimination. Some are more aware of
the Act than others, but there is room for more publicity for the
public and service providers, especially those who may not realise
they are “disabled” under the terms of the Act.

Andy Doherty
Co-chair, National Forum of People with Learning Difficulties

No it hasn’t yet. Some shops are still hard to get into and I can’t
even get into the dentist’s. There should be more accessibility,
and explanation for people with learning difficulties. People
should be asked what they need in shops, and staff should be
friendly and helpful.

Jean Stogdon
Grandparents Plus

There’s just tons more to be done on accessibility. Just look at
the London Underground. It’s completely off limits, not just to
people with disabilities but older people as well. Shops are
better, but some are still bad. The big fear for older people is
having a fall, and that’s just not taken into account when they
design these places.

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