Plight of older prisoners highlighted

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Photo by Ed Clark

The lack of a national strategy to address the health, social care,
rehabilitation and resettlement needs of older prisoners has been
highlighted in an exhibition of photographs taken at Kingston
prison, writes Clare Jerrom.

There has been a significant increase in older people in custody
and there are now believed to be a record number of disabled
prisoners, although the Prison Service does not collect data on

“Given the state of our overcrowded, under-resourced
prison system there can be no doubt that growing numbers of elderly
and disabled prisoners experience a severe kind of double
punishment in the harsh environment of crumbling Victoria
jails,” said Juliet Lyon, director of the Prison Reform

Speaking at the exhibition she added: “While there is
little or no fear that they will escape, there is every chance that
they will leave prison utterly unprepared for life

The charity claims that disabled prisoners say they are rarely
given equal access to prison activities and some complain of
discrimination. Although the Home Office has pledged to comply with
the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act, there is no
ring-fenced money to alter or modify buildings.

The exhibition of photographs taken by Ed Clark is launched
today and they will be on display at the FrameZero Gallery in
London until October 22nd.


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