NSF objectives needs extra resources to succeed


The recently launched National Service Framework for Children,
Young People and Maternity Services is unlikely to meet its
objectives without extra resources, according to a survey by
Community Care, writes Derren

Around three quarters of the frontline social workers and
managers who responded to the web-based survey felt the decision by
the government to fund the implementation of the NSF out of
existing children and family budgets made it unlikely to

Some of the NSF’s measures include duties on health and
social services departments to provide greater support for children
and families facing homelessness, substance misuse and mental
health problems.

More than two thirds of respondents were also critical of the
government’s decision not to set more specific targets for
implementing any aspect of the children’s NSF, as has been
done with earlier ones. Only 8 per cent said the 10 year timescale
for its introduction was a good thing.

On a more positive note, three quarters of respondents felt the NSF
would to break down barriers between health, education and social
care workers to a great or some extent, with a similar proportion
believing this would also help all agencies give a greater priority
to children’s issues in their work.

More than half of respondents were concerned that the decision
to allow local authorities, health services and schools to
implement the NSF at a local level would lead to inconsistent
implementation across the country, which could in turn lead to a
post-code lottery of service provision. Just over a quarter,
however, felt this would enable services to be more responsive to
local circumstances.

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