Thursday 13 October 2004

By Maria Ahmed, Shirley Kumar, Clare Jerrom and Amy

Teenager accused of killing girl ‘had struck

A teenager who smothered a 10-year-old girl to death at a Christmas
party had struck before, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Smith from Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, denies murdering Mary Storrie.
The trial continues.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday October 14 2004 page 4

Record female jail suicides feared

A record number of female prisoners are likely to commit suicide
this year, warned Inquest yesterday.

The number of female prison suicides has soured over the last
decade according to the campaign group.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday October 14 2004 page 6

Ex-detective jailed for childcare scam

A former council finance director and former detective were jailed
yesterday for trying to swindle £100,000 earmarked for
deprived children from Hackney Council.

The former detective, Kurtis Nwadikwa-Jonathan was given 18 months
and Uche Wogu was sentenced to two years by Middlesex Guildhall
Crown Court.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday October 14 2004 page 8

Criminal checks ordered on all new NHS recruits

New NHS recruits who have any contact with the public are to be
checked for a criminal past, the Department of Health has

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) is to start the vetting early
next year.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday October 14 2004 page

NHS midwives face probe over links with the preacher at
centre of ‘miracle births’ scandal

Nurses, seven midwives and a GP are being investigated for claims
they verified miracle pregnancies among followers of an

The eight some of whom work in NHS hospitals said self-styled
archbishop Gilbert Deya had succeeded in making infertile women
pregnant through the power of prayer.

Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday October 1 2004 page

Moving us on will violate our rights, say the gipsy

Around 50 gipsies claim their human rights would be
breached if Wychavon District Council moved them on.

A public inquiry began yesterday at Bredon village hall to hear the
travellers appeal against an enforcement notice to remove them from
the on-acre site in Eckington, Worcestershire, which they

Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday October 14 2004 page

Tortured terror suspects have mental illnesses, say

Eight foreign terror suspects held without trial for
nearly three years in British prisons have experienced mental
torture and are now suffering from serious psychiatric illnesses, a
team of doctors revealed yesterday.

The report also found that the men’s detention in Belmarsh
prison in south London and Woodhill prison in Milton Keynes had had
a serious psychiatric impact on their wives.

Source:- The Independent Thursday 14 October 2004 page
CSA ‘on point of collapse’ owing £720m to

The Child Support Agency is on the brink of collapse, with
spiralling rates of overdue payments and the loss of confidence of
both mothers and father, it was claimed yesterday.

Source: The Independent Thursday 14 October 2004 page
Boom in sex trafficking prompts charities to demand more
safe houses for victims

A coalition of charities including Unicef, Amnesty International
and Anti-Slavery International are demanding medical and
educational help for all victims and an increase in “safe
houses” for women.

Source: The Independent 14 October 2004, page 20

Scottish newspapers

Doubts over ability to keep immigrants here

Most demographers believe greater inward migration is needed to
help reverse Scotland’s population decline, although some are
now raising concerns that it will create more difficulties than it

Chair of Migrationwatch Sir Andrew Green claims that first minister
Jack McConnell’s claims that this is the biggest problem
facing Scotland is rubbish.

He claims “fresh talent” would end up adding the
population to London as “international migrants don’t
stay in Scotland”.

Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 14 October

School may be closed after abuse claims

A school in Ayrshire should be closed down, council officials have

A report by education and social work officials says that Kerelaw
Open School which offers residential places for young people should
be closed by the end of the 2004/5 financial year and members of
Glasgow Council’s policy and resources committee will be
asked tomorrow to approve the closure.

More than 20 members of staff at the school are currently either
suspended or have been moved to other jobs following claims that
youngsters were abused.

Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 14 October

Quicker justice for domestic abuse victims

The first Scottish court dedicated to dealing with domestic
violence has opened in Glasgow.

The specialist court, based in Glasgow Sheriff Court will aim to
streamline the legal process and support victims of domestic

Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 14 October

10% who sleep around cause sex health crisis

Britain’s “promiscuous 10%” have helped to
develop a sexual health crisis by sleeping around, visiting
prostitutes and accessing pornography on the internet.

The study in British Medical Association’s Journal of
Epidemiology and Community Health claims that if teachers and
health experts could influence this hard core section of society
early on in life, it could help reduce the problem

Source:- The Herald  Thursday 14 October

Expert says addicts want a clean break

An expert in drug misuse claimed yesterday that hardcore drug
addicts are not being given a chance to give up their habit because
health services are skewed in favour of a “harm
reduction” approach.

Director of the centre for Drug Misuse Research at Glasgow
University Neil McKeganey, said controlling drug intake stood in
contrast to the desire of most addicts to give up completely.

Source:- The Herald  Thursday 14 October

Call for elderly care to be placed higher on agenda

The Care Commission claimed yesterday that most older people have
no idea of the standard of care to which they are entitled.

The first of two annual national Care Commission consultation
events found that many older people do not know their rights and
the commission said it would move to rectify the problem.

Source:- The Herald  Thursday 14 October

Welsh newspapers

Little fighter’s life is put in court’s

Bosses at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool are going to the High
Court to get permission not to treat a seriously ill baby if his
condition deteriorates.

When nine-month-old Luke Winston-Jones from Holyhead was born he
was only given days to live after being diagnosed with the genetic
disorder Edwards syndrome.

His mother, Ruth Winston-Jones, says that her son is a fighter and
that she won’t give up on him.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 14 October page 5

Under-age sex appeal thrown out

A 27-year-old man jailed for having sex with a 13-year-old has
failed in his attempt to get his sentence cut at the Appeal

Stuart Jones, of Kingswinford, West Midlands, met the girl on a
beach in Aberystwyth. He pleaded guilty to taking a child without
lawful authority and having sexual intercourse with a girl under-16
in April and was jailed for three years.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 14 October page 17



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