Children of substance misusers ‘at risk of neglect’

Children of adults who misuse drugs and alcohol are at risk of
emotional and physical neglect, a new report has found,
writes Maria Ahmed.

Older children, especially aged 16 and over, are often neglected
in service provision relating to their parent’s addictions,
according to research conducted by the University of Edinburgh.

In the UK, there are an estimated 250,000 to 350,000 dependent
children living with parental drug misuse, and 920,000 living with
parental alcohol misuse.

The study of 38 affected young people in Scotland aged between
15-27 found many experienced problems in receiving consistent
practical or emotional care.

A strong personal relationship with a service worker was highly
valued by those who did not receive adequate support, the study for
the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found.

Help with both education and work were seen as key factors in
improving the lives of affected children.

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