Bichard slams teachers for lack of action

Teachers have failed to take action to prevent unsuitable people
gaining jobs working with children, Sir Michael Bichard said at the
Local Government Association’s education conference,
writes Sally Gillen in Gateshead.

The chair of the inquiry into how Ian Huntley got a job as a
caretaker despite a history littered with allegations of
relationships with underage girls, told delegates in Gateshead that
social services had “taken positive action to address this issue
but I do not think that is the case where education is

Online child protection training for teachers who interview for
new staff was being designed by the Department for Education and

Bichard’s recommendations included a requirement that
interview panels should include at least one person who had
training in child protection issues.

During his inquiry, it emerged that many teachers did not have
necessary training and headteacher at Soham Village College Howard
Gilbert had failed to carry out background checks on Huntley before
he took up his post.

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