Police to probe bullying allegations

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services regional
offices have been placed under police alert following the
alleged bullying and intimidating tactics used by campaigners who
want improved rights for fathers, writes Shirley

In the last five months, rotting fish, decomposed meat and live
maggots have been posted through letterboxes in 20 regional offices
in England and Wales, including Portsmouth and Norfolk.

Children and family court reporters have been followed home,
received abusive telephone calls and had personal property
vandalised. Last year around 100 suspect parcels were posted to
regional offices forcing Cafcass to call in the bomb squad.

Cafcass warned those involved that it will not communicate with
them unless members halt their intimidating tactics. Police will
now carefully monitor the situation.

Cafcass chief executive Anthony Douglas said: “On behalf
of children, we support the view that fathers keep in touch with
their children where it’s safe to do so. But bullying and
intimidation of staff is as unacceptable as it is of mothers and
children.  I won’t stand for it”

National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) assistant
general secretary Harry Fletcher added: “The use of
intimidating tactics is unacceptable and we are meeting with
Cafcass in November to discuss what can be done about


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