The Big question

Karen Shook

Disability equality adviser

There will always be a need for day provision for people who have
profound or multiple impairments or both and who have health needs.
But before day centres are closed, there must beÊdevelopment
of accessible, innovative and flexible day options that cater for
disabled people’s needs and aspirations.

Shaun Webster

CHANGE Self – advocacy group

I’ve never needed a day centre – me and my friends go down the pub
or to the cinema. But people with more support needs who live with
their parents might like them. Shutting centres is wrong but they
need to be more up to date – the staff treat the people in them a
bit like kids.

Joan Scott

Director – Action Unlimited

I used to go to one and I hated it. You’re stuck with the same
routine every day, bored stiff – it was horrible. They did sewing
classes and things but they made you feel bad if you didn’t take
part. In the end I got fed up and I managed to escape. I joined
People First and made lots of friends and I’ve never looked

Becca Cooper

York People First

I don’t think day centre’s should close but they may need to change
the way they look and need to be more person-centred. Some people
say that they want to go to a day centre to keep busy and learn
more skills. But people also want choice over what they do and
control over the services they receive.

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