The Big Question

Joan Scott – Action Unlimited 

Doing it yourself means you could make your own mind up about
what you need and not have someone put words in your mouth. And you
wouldn’t have to wait for the social worker to come round. Some
people prefer the personal touch but my choice would be the
internet. So come on, Norfolk, and copy Kent’s example.

Karen Shook – Disability equality adviser 

The keywords are choice and flexibility. Anything that makes
accessing services easier is welcome. Many disabled people use the
internet regularly. But there still needs to be the more
traditional route for people with complex needs or those who are
not comfortable with computers. 

Jean Stogdon – Grandparents Plus 

The internet is a fantastic resource but part of achieving a
good assessment is building a relationship between professional and
client. I feel this is moving away from that and clients could lose
out if they do not have contact with staff who can use their skills
and insights to talk through the sort of care package needed.

Shaun Webster – CHANGE self-advocacy group

I think self-assessment is a bad idea. Lots of people can’t use
the internet or find it scary – especially people with learning
difficulties or older people. It’s better to do assessments face to
face. It sounds like this is being done to save money. It’s a bit
lazy of staff not to want to bother visiting service users.

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