Friday 5 November 2004

By Shirley Kumar, Maria Ahmed, Clare Jerrom and Amy

People-trafficking ring smashed in raids across Europe

Police smashed a people-trafficking racket yesterday in which
Turkish immigrants are believed to have been smuggled into

Around 23 people have been arrested in the International operation
in London, Hamburg and Cologne.

Source:- The Independent Friday 5 November 2004 page

Drug agency ‘inflated’ treatment

A former Department of Health consultant has accused health
officials of misleading ministers over the number of problem drug
users including heroin and cocaine addicts in treatment

The consultant working on the figures resigned after a blazing row
during which he was told it was “politically
unacceptable” for the government to miss its target for the
expansion of drug treatment places.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 November 2004 page 11

Labour accused over gambling committee

The government was accused yesterday of putting MPs on the
committee to scrutinise the gambling bill who represent
constituencies that have planning applications from casinos.

None of the rebels who voted against the Bill were asked to

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 November 2004 page 15

Debt grips families of disabled children

Government funded charity Family Fund said families with severely
disabled children were falling into debt to meet the additional
cost of essential care.

The charity told a seminar at 11 Downing Street, a typical family
with a severely disabled child earned less than the national

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 November 2004 page 15

Tax credit delay for 1m families

The government has been accused of being unable to cope with the
number of families applying for tax credits.

Plans to transfer a million families on jobseeker’s allowance
to the controversial new system would be delayed.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 November 2004 page 15

Parents ‘driven to suicide pact’

A husband and wife flew to Tenerife to commit suicide after trying
to cope with their daughter’s mental illness.

William and Wendy Ainscow took the mixture of pills and walked into
the Spanish sea after years of being tormented by their daughter
Lisa’s autism and not receiving enough help to care for her.
Wendy survived but her husband died.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 5 November 2004 page

Father who left baby in car wins jail appeal

A father who abandoned his daughter in a car while he went drinking
has had his sentence reduced from 75 to 60 days.

Judge Paul Downes said he had taken into account the hate campaign
by some newspapers and fellow prisoners.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 5 November 2004 page

Charity accused of ‘draconian’ eviction

The Moat Housing Association has been accused of using
“draconian” measures after a court was told it had
secretly obtained powers to evict two nuisance families.

The families had 10 children between them and the order required
them to leave the village with no prior warning.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 5 November 2004 page

Child abuse fears over Gambling Bill

Changes to the Gambling law will increase the number of addicts and
add to the problem of domestic violence warned Nottingham Trent
University professor of gambling studies Mark Griffiths.

He said gambling was a serious health issue and doctors needed to
be alert to the symptoms.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 5 November 2004 page

Girl, 13, stabbed during ‘playful fight’ in art

A girl aged 13 was allegedly stabbed twice during a school lesson
by a 14-year-old boy. The alleged incident took place at the
William de Ferrers School, a mixed comprehensive, in South Woodham
Ferrers, Essex on Wednesday.

Source:- The Times Friday 5 November 2004 page 23

Scottish newspapers

Drive to curb youth crime fails

Officials are failing to tackle the problem of youth crime in
Scotland as the number of persistent young offenders is

According to the Scottish executive, there are now 1,200 persistent
young offenders in Scotland compared with 890 in 2000.

None of the agencies charged with delivering improvements are
meeting its targets.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 5 November

Cannabis owner aims for Inverness

The owner of Scotland’s first cannabis café is set to
open premises in Inverness to sell legal drugs including

Paul Stewart, who runs the Purple Haze café in Leith, wants to
open a shop offering herbal cannabis and magic mushrooms as well as
adult films.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 5 November

Asylum seeker says life was made hell

An Algerian man said his life was made “hell” after he
was accused of being a terrorist.

Fouad Lasnami told an asylum hearing that although the charges were
later dropped, he fears he will be imprisoned, tortured or executed
if he is sent home.

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 4 November

Crackdown on violence against staff

A crackdown on violence against public service workers in Scotland
was launched today by the Scottish executive.

The executive’s study ‘Bang out of Order’ reveals
violence against public workers in Scotland is on the

Source:- Evening News  Thursday 4 November

Sheriffs’ warnings to reliance over court

Two sheriffs have warned troubled security firm Reliance that it
must address failings or face court action.

Reliance, which has a £126 million contract to transfer
prisoners from custody to court rooms, has been at fault for
mistakenly releasing 12 prisoners since it took over the contract
in April.

Source:- The Herald  Friday 5 November

Welsh newspapers

Shock at scale of domestic violence

One in three people arriving in accident and emergency departments
in Wales with assault injuries have been subjected to domestic
violence, according to new research.

The findings have led to calls for all hospital casualty
departments in Wales to have referral schemes to give domestic
violence victims access to help and support.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 5 November


The first domestic violence liaison nurse in the UK will start work
at a hospital in Cardiff by Christmas.

The new post, which will be at the University Hospital of
Wales’ A&E department, will help victims of domestic
violence who come in for treatment will get access to support

Source:- Western Mail Friday 5 November

Howard recalls Tenby without yob culture

Conservative leader Michael Howard pledged a crackdown on
alcohol fuelled yob culture in the Welsh town of Tenby

Traders and residents warned that Tenby had become a no-go area
after dark due to problems with drinking.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 5 November

Country hotel may become boys’ home

A country hotel could be transformed into a home for boys with
emotional difficulties.

An application to convert Golfa Hall near Welshpool was refused by
Powys Council earlier this year when it received complaints and a
petition from residents about the loss of the hotel and concerns
about anti-social behaviour but an Assembly Government inspector
has allowed an appeal.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 5 November

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