Tuesday 9 November 2004

By Maria Ahmed, Shirley Kumar, Clare Jerrom and Amy

Sex killer linked to Nickell murder

A Broadmoor patient has named as the prime suspect in the
12-year-old murder case of Rachel Nickell, who was stabbed as she
was out walking in Wimbledon in southwest London in 1992.

Robert Napper was sent to Broadmoor Hospital in 1995 after
admitting the murder of Samantha Bisset and her four-year-old
daughter. He could now be questioned about Nickell’s murder
if he is deemed fit to be seen by police.

Source: –The Times Tuesday 9 November 2004 page 19

Teacher jailed

The deputy head teacher of a junior school in West Yorkshire was
jailed for five years and banned from working with children by
Leeds Crown Court for 19 indecent assaults on five girls aged about

David Morgan had pleaded guilty before Wakefield magistrates.

Source: –The Times Tuesday 9 November 2004 page 23

Airline ‘not to blame for wheelchair fee’

Ryanair is to appeal against a landmark ruling under which the
airline was forced to pay out more than £1,000 compensation
for charging a disabled man £18 for the use of

The airline insists it did not discriminate against the man at
Stansted airport.

Source:- The Financial Times Tuesday 9 November 2004  page

Gypsies win battle against eviction

Travellers on a site in south Cambridgeshire have won an injunction
to stop a district council from evicting them.

The court ruling comes at a time when there is growing pressure on
councils to provide adequate sites for travellers and

Source:-The Independent Tuesday 9 November 2004 page

Asylum detention centre is ‘harmful to

Children in an asylum centre in Cambridgeshire are
suffering from stress with many not receiving proper social
services assessments, education or physical activity, warned the
prison watchdog.

The report by the chief inspector of prisons Anne Owers warned
Oakington Immigration Reception Centre would face a more difficult
time over the next 18 months.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 9 November 2004 page

Just a handful of new casinos in the great gambling

The government is to reduce the number of super casinos allowed to
be built in the UK to just a handful after it was forced to
compromise with Labour rebels.

The decision is expected to be slipped into the Gambling Bill this

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 9 November 2004 page

Dicing with death: children whose playgrounds are too

Children are turning to building sites and dangerous railways for
thrills because their playgrounds are too safe.

Councils have made some play areas too safe for fear of being sued,
warned the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 9 November 2004 page

Scottish newspapers

Reliance in frame to tag sex offenders

Troubled security firm Reliance is bidding for a multi-million
pound deal to electronically tag some of the country’s most
dangerous sex offenders.

Trials are underway in three areas in England using satellite
tracking, in the first scheme of its kind in Europe. Home Office
officials said last night they were confident the project would be
rolled out to Scotland late next year.

Reliance Monitoring Services as well as Securicor and Premier
Monitoring Services are all bidding for the tagging contract.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 9 November

Young gypsies use artwork to challenge prejudices

Young gypsy travellers revealed artwork, music and films yesterday
in a bid to highlight the prejudices the group faces.

The Who We Are project, which depicts past and contemporary gypsy
culture from a young person’s perspective, launched the
multi-media works at the National Museum of Scotland in

Save the Children, which has been supporting the project, said
travellers remain one of the most marginalised and excluded groups
in Scottish society.

Source:- The Scotsman  Tuesday 9 November

Welsh newspapers

Welsh children groomed for trafficking and

Children in care in Wales are being trafficked and forced into
prostitution experts have warned today.

Children as young as 12-years-old are being trafficked from Welsh
care homes to work in massage parlours across South Wales.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 9 November page 1

Police crackdown on festive binge drinkers

The police are cracking down on binge drinking and anti-social
behaviour at Christmas and New Year in Wales.

A campaign will focus on dealing with drunken yobs, irresponsible
licensees and underage drinkers.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 9 November page 7

Mother ‘banned’ from hospital

A mother who went to the High Court to try to challenge
doctors’ wishes not to give life saving treatment to her
desperately ill son has slammed the way she was treated by hospital

Ruth Winston-Jones has revealed the content of letters sent to her
by North Wales NHS Trust preventing her from being at her
son’s bedside.

The letters claim that her behaviour towards hospital staff was
unacceptable but she says that she was just trying to fight for her
son’s rights.

Source:- IC Wales Tuesday 9 November


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