Parents fork out for state education

Parents spend hundreds of pounds every year on their
children’s schooling, according to research by the Department
for Education and Skills.

The average amount spent was £736 per child, varying from
an average of £563 for primary school pupils and £948 for
secondary school pupils.

Meals during the school day took up a significant proportion of
these costs. On average parents spent £1.66 per day on school
meals, with the annual average amounting to £316. School
uniform and PE kit cost an average of £225, while travel to
school cost just over £7 a week.

The Child Poverty Action Group said that the costs were a
“day to day pressure” for parents from low income

“Many low income families will not be able to afford to
spend over £200 on school uniforms let alone £180 for
residential trips or £78 for a new PE kit. We would encourage
schools and local education authorities to reduce the costs where
possible for visits and extras,” said chief executive Kate

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