Wednesday 15 December 2004

By Shirley Kumar, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

BNP leader arrested over incitement to hatred

Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, was
arrested yesterday and questioned for almost 12 hours on suspicion
of incitement to commit racial hatred.

The arrest came as part of an investigation into the BBC programme
Secret Agent screened on 15 July.

West Yorkshire police said three Bradford men were also charged
yesterday with racially aggravated intentional harassment as part
of the same investigation.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Girls overtake boys for regular binge drinking

Teenage girls are now binge drinking more than boys, according to a
new report.

The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and other Drugs
warned that the rise in young female drinking was an
“unprecedented phenomenon” that could threaten the
health of a generation of women. Youth workers said children were
turning up drunk to afternoon activity clubs within hours of the
end of school.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Euthanasia retreat secures Bill’s passage

A cross-party attempt to block legislation allowing seriously ill
patients to refuse treatment was blocked yesterday after the
government reassured it would not lead to euthanasia by the back

The government, through a series of letters, fended off the rebels
by guaranteeing the Mental Capacity Bill would be changed in the
Lords to ensure it would not allow mercy-killing.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Blair to back down on plan for time limit on disabled

Tony Blair is to back down on plans to impose a maximum time limit
for people to claim incapacity benefit.

The move was an attempt to cut the £7.7 billion annual bill.
Downing Street advisors proposed a cut off point of two or three
years after which the 2.7 million claimants would be transferred to
other less generous benefits such as income support.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Hate campaign

Charity worker Martyn Sheppard was convicted at Gloucester Crown
Court of arson, harassment, a death threat and hate mail against
neighbours in the Cotswold village of Painswick.

Sheppard will be held in custody pending a psychiatric report. He
denied all charges.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 15 December 2004 page 4

People smuggler

One of the leaders of a gang that made £1.5 million smuggling
illegal immigrants into Britain has been jailed by Canterbury Crown
Court for four years.

Mohammed Shahzad of Walthamstow, east London admitted conspiring to
let in migrants on lorries from Germany for £6,000 each.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 15 December 2004 page 4

My Wendy house must go while local Gipsies stay put

A father refuses to remove his Wendy house until Gipsies are
removed from an illegal camp.

Justin Pipe said he will defy council planners while 17 caravans
remain on a field 400- yards from his home.

Source:- The Daily Mail Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Boost for mother in fight against secret abortions

A mother won the right to challenge the government’s
guidance to doctors that they can perform abortions on girls under
16 without parental consent in the High Court.

A senior judge backed mother-of-five, Sue Axon’s bid for the
judicial review.

Source:-The Daily Mail Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Sport and culture card scheme for teenagers

Ministers are to give young people a smart card to help them pay
for “constructive activities” as part of a government
bid to overhaul inadequate services for young people.

The government believes the card, which can be topped up by the
teenagers and their parents, would help ensure young people had
access to a wide range of out-of-school activities.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Court rejects child appeal by mother

A mother lost her last-ditch attempt yesterday to re-open a case to
stop her child being put up for adoption despite new medical
evidence. A High Court Judge ruled in 2002 that the 21-year-old
mother had attempted to smother her daughter four times in the
first few weeks of her life.

The judges will not give their detailed reasons for the decision
until January.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Foundation hospital chairman sacked over financial

Monitor, the independent regulator into foundation hospitals,
sacked the chair of a foundation hospital yesterday for failing to
produce a credible recovery strategy after accountants found a
£11.3 million hole in the accounts.

William Moyes, chair of Monitor, took the steps against John Ryan,
chair of Bradford Teaching hospitals, to prevent the
government’s policy of promoting self-governing hospitals
becoming tainted by the risk of bankruptcy.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Caught in the crossfire

The Red Cross says it will not remain silent while the war on
terror undermines its famed neutrality – and threatens not
only its staff but its very existence.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Pool of light

Every Tuesday night, kids – some as young as 12 – flock
to an office block in Milton Keynes. Mary O’Hara reports on
the youth club providing a safe, supportive retreat for young gay

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Doctoring the house

Sophie Petit-Zeman on a refuge where homeless people get
much-needed medical support without being bound by rules.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Twist of trait

Personality disorder, often seen as a ‘dustbin
diagnosis’, is being treated by new, more effective methods.
David Batty visits a project that tackles self-harm and substance

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Out of the ashes

During the troubles, Derry was in danger of being reduced to
rubble. Peter Hetherington returns after 30 years to meet the
people helping to rebuild the city and give its still-divided
communities real reasons for optimism.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Voices for choices

Does all the talk of participation really give the public a
democratic role in Quangoland?

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

What else can I do?

Salma, who is employed by Citizens Advice, wants to help her
victims of racial discrimination but is unsure of the options open
to her.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 15 December 2004 page

Scottish news

British teens among Europe’s worst drinkers

British teenagers drink more alcohol than many of their
contemporaries in other European countries.

Researchers from the University of West of England found the binge
drinking culture was not making teenagers take a responsible
attitude to alcohol.

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 15 December

Holidays and truancy mean 8600 miss school

New figures from the Scottish executive reveal 8,600 children miss
school daily, half of them playing truant. It comes at the same
time that exam results in state schools are compared to the
independent sector for the first time.

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 15 December

Glasgow has some of country’s worst housing

Glasgow housing is highlighted as some of the worst in the country
recording high levels of dampness, condensation and fuel

Eighty six per cent of the Glasgow Housing Association’s
stock failed the executive’s housing quality standard a
survey has shown.

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 15 December

Welsh newspapers

Female binge-drinking linked to TV pressure

Sophisticated drinks adverts aimed at women are behind the
increase in teenage girls binge drinking, experts have

A binge drinking culture is currently spreading across Welsh towns
and cities. The comments were made after a large-scale European
survey of students, carried out by the University of West England,
found that girls are now more likely to binge drink than

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 15 December


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