Friday 17 December 2004

    By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

    Community banking initiative launched

    An initiative was launched yesterday to help thousands of low
    income consumers who are forced to rely on loan sharks because they
    cannot borrow money from banks.

    Stephen Timms, Treasury minister, introduced the Community Banking
    Partnership, which brings together credit unions, the community
    finance sector, banks and money advice agencies.

    Source:-The Financial Times Friday 17 December 2004 page

    Priests defrocked

    The Pope has defrocked two Irish priests accused of sexually
    abusing children.

    They are the first to be laicised since the extent of the sexual
    abuse of children emerged in a series of damaging church scandals.
    The priests, who have not been named, worked in Ferns diocese, Co

    Source:-The Times Friday 17 December 2004 page 4

    Rights battle on farmer’s strays may be pig of a case
    for jury

    A farmer, who was given an antisocial behaviour order after his
    pigs strayed, proclaimed his innocence yesterday and put his fate
    in the hands of a jury.

    Brian Hagan from Briston, Norfolk, pleaded not guilty to the charge
    of breaching the order.

    Source:-The Times Friday 17 December 2004 page 21

    Watchdog attacks bungled care fee tests for the

    Bungled means tests for long-term care fees were fiercely
    criticised by the Health Service Ombudsman yesterday.

    Many older people and infirm patients have been forced to pay for
    care that should have been funded by the state because health
    authorities failed to assess their cases properly.

    Source:-The Daily Telegraph Friday 17 December 2004 page

    The Tories unveil a £500 million package to fund
    long-term care for the elderly

    Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary, said that
    anyone paying their own care-home bills would get a guarantee that
    after three years, a Tory government would pick up the bill up to a
    maximum of £25,000 a year for each person.

    Source:-The Daily Telegraph Friday 17 December 2004 page

    Let children play with tinsel? No, they might be

    Tinsel has been banned from a school Christmas party –
    because the headmaster fears pupils might strangle themselves if
    they drape it around their necks at Chipping Sodbury School,

    Source:-The Daily Mail Friday 17 December 2004 page

    Foul-mouthed and violent, this is the real Vicky

    A 17-year-old girl, who has been compared to a character in BBC
    comedy show Little Britain, has been served with a three-year
    antisocial behaviour order. The council is printing more than 700
    leaflets bearing her face so businesses and communities can report
    her behaviour.

    Source:-The Daily Mail Friday 17 December 2004 page

    Scottish newspapers

    Hopes for mentally ill

    The Scottish Recovery Network has launched a new programme to try
    and identify what prevents some long term sufferers of mental
    health problems from getting better.

    The group will work with people with mental health problems, their
    families and friends.

    Source:- Daily Record Friday 17 December.

    Welsh newspapers

    Indecent proposal millionaire jailed

    A multi-millionaire was yesterday jailed at Cardiff Crown Court
    for 12 months for trying to get a 16-year-old to have sex with

    After giving the girl lift home from a martial arts class,
    property investor John Currell told her that she was pretty enough
    to be a topless model and tried to take her top off.

    Source:- Western Mail Friday December 17 2004

    Owners of blaze-death home fined

    The owners of a private care home that caught on fire leading to
    the deaths of two residents admitted breaching safety rules

    Keith Whittemore and his wife Rosemary admitted breaches
    including failing to ensure that at least two people were on duty
    at the home at night on more than one occasion.

    They were fined £5,500 and ordered to pay costs of
    £1, 500 at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court. They were also
    given a six month conditional discharge.

    Source:- Western Mail Friday December 17 2004

    Drinking father left boy, 3, alone to

    A three-year-old boy was found on his own in a busy high street
    while his father was out drinking in a local pub, Caerphilly
    magistrates court heard yesterday.

    The boy disappeared after his father left him at home when he
    went out to buy milk.

    The father returned home to find him gone, made a brief search
    of the nearby area and then went to have a drink to help him decide
    what to do next.

    Source:- Western Mail Friday December 17 2004



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