Let the Learning Begin

    Tens of thousands of social workers have applied to register
    before the 1 December cut-off. Although they may have to wait a few
    weeks for their registration to come through, there is plenty that
    social workers can do to progress their personal development in the
    meantime. Planning your 15 days or 90 hours of post-registration
    training and learning will give you a head start.

    When your registration certificate comes through, you will
    receive a form to help you detail the training you’ve undertaken.
    There’s a wide range of activities you can do to meet the learning
    requirement. This may include reading, attending training courses
    or seminars, teaching or studying for a qualification.

    The important point is that all learning should be relevant to
    you, your needs and your role. Plan the learning outcomes you hope
    to achieve, perhaps in conjunction with your line manager or

    The majority of delegates at the recent GSCC annual conference
    felt that the requirements for ongoing training were reasonable and
    could be extended. However, delegates were looking for more
    detailed guidance on the breadth of learning addressed through
    post-registration training and learning and on how learning is

    As social workers join the register in the coming months and
    over the next three years of their first registration period, we
    will continue to listen to views on the requirements for

    Social workers already undertake a great deal of the learning
    required. But the earlier you get started, the better skilled you
    will be and the more you’ll be able to give back to the social work

    Mike Wardle is deputy chief executive of the General
    Social Care Council.

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