Wednesday 5 January 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

Sex offenders forced to face lie-detector tests upon release

Sex offenders living in the community are to take compulsory lie
detector tests after a study found 85 per cent were re-offending or
breaching parole, or had failed polygraph tests.

The Home Office intends to introduce a law to force those offenders
released from prison under community and probation orders to take
the tests as part of the Management of Offenders and Sentencing
Bill in the coming year.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 5 January 2005 page

Paedophile used daughters as bait

A paedophile used his two daughters ‘as bait’ to lure
his victims, Hull Crown Court heard yesterday.

Glyn Martin of Bridlington, North Yorkshire, used the children to
attract their friends to his home, where they were photographed and
assaulted after being drugged.

Martin admitted 57 offences of child abuse. The case

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 5 January 2005 page

Gypsies lose fight

The High Court has refused to extend the deadline set for 20 Gypsy
families to leave an illegal camp on land they own in the village
of Eckington in Worcestershire. The families, who moved in suddenly
last May, had been ordered by Wychavon District Council to move out
by April this year.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 5 January 2005 page 27

Hospital head faces care home misconduct allegation

Dr Chai Patel, chief executive of the Priory Group of private
mental health hospitals has been charged with serious professional
misconduct over events that took place at Lynde House – a care home
in Twickenham – by the General Medical Council.

The charges allege that as chief executive of Westminister
Healthcare, he failed to safeguard the health, safety and welfare
of older residents at the home.

Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday 5 January 2005 page

Norman Glass, a creator of the government’s early years
childcare programme, on why successful, community-led Sure Start
projects in deprived areas of Britain are now being dismantled in
everything but name

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 January 2005 page

Peter Beresford interview – how being a service user has
provided insights that help him set the pace for change in

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 January 2005 page

A spot of DIY – what happens when the residents of five
troubled neighbourhoods help to fix their own problems

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 January 2005 page

Inhuman rights – fear of breaking confidentiality leads some
doctors to withhold vital pieces of information about mental health
patients from their carers

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 January 2005 page

Leading questions – how management conflicts will make local
government a political football in the general election

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 5 January 2005 page

Scottish newspapers

New council tenants may lose right to buy

A review of housing policies in Scotland could scrap the policy
of allowing new council tenants the right to buy their homes.

Communities minister Malcolm Chisholm said however that right to
buy would not be completely scrapped. He is instead looking at
other ways of helping low income households purchase their

Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 5 January.

Passive smoking affects learning

US research has shown that children who are exposed to second
hand smoke in the home achieve lower scores in tests of reading and

The study, the largest ever, comes just a month after Glasgow
Council unveiled a scheme to encourage parents not to smoke in the

Source:- The Daily Record Wednesday 5 January.

Welsh newspapers

Patients exhumed in murder probe

Police exhumed the bodies of two older men last night as part of an
investigation into a former GP accused of murdering a

The men were understood to be patients of Dr Howard Martin, of
Penmaenmawr, Gwynedd.

The bodies were exhumed from two cemeteries in County Durham.

Wednesday 5 January

Welsh activist assaulted wife

Wales’ most high profile campaigner for fathers’ rights has
two convictions for assaulting his former wife.

Matthew Mudge carried out the assaults seven years ago. He is a
spokesperson for several groups, including Fathers4Justice.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 5 January


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