Baaf warns against adopting victims of Asian tsunami tragedy

    Baaf Adoption & Fostering has warned people not to try and
    adopt victims of the Asian tsunami tragedy to avoid fuelling the
    child trafficking industry, writes Mithran

    Baaf made the warning after a number of people contacted British
    adoption agencies offering to adopt children orphaned by the

    Chief executive Felicity Collier said many orphans would still
    have relatives in their home countries looking to trace them, while
    applications to adopt could also fuel the child trafficking market
    in south east Asia.

    She said: “I know that if people are really concerned
    about the welfare of these children, the last thing they would want
    to do is to fuel a potential market in child adoption or to deprive
    children of the opportunity to be reunited with grieving members of
    their own family.”

    She advised people to donate to the Disasters Emergency
    Committee, a coalition of development charities that is
    coordinating the British aid effort.

    To make a donation, go to:-


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