Ladyman ‘using care system as a threat’

    Social work leaders have lambasted community care minister Stephen
    Ladyman for suggesting that the children of antisocial council
    tenants should be taken into care.

    Ian Johnston, director of the British Association of Social
    Workers, said he was disappointed by the minister’s comments, made
    to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister select committee.

    He said: “Responsible government ministers should not be seeing the
    care system as some sort of threat for tackling antisocial

    He compared the proposal to provisions in the Asylum and
    Immigration Act 2004 under which the children of failed asylum
    seekers can be taken into care.

    General Social Care Council chief executive Lynne Berry said
    Ladyman’s proposals ran contrary to social workers’ codes of
    practice to protect the rights and promote the interests of service
    users and carers.

    Ladyman told the committee: “I certainly think that making people
    aware of the consequences of their actionsÉis a vital part
    [of] dealing with not just ill-health in our communities but also
    anti-social behaviour. I entirely concur that it might be necessary
    to step in and take children into care in order to deal with the

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