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    Peter, 23, is a Supporting People assessment officer at
    a council in Scotland.

    What is your job?

    I work with a range of clients who receive a housing support
    service or who wish to apply for support.

    What are your responsibilities?
    I visit clients at home to assess their support needs or
    provide a financial assessment and review these. I need good
    interpersonal skills to succeed in this job. I also need to be
    highly organised and have good planning skills.

    What is your salary?
    I earn £12,000 a year.

    What are your career aspirations?
    I would like to use the assessment skills I have gained
    in a social work setting.

    Here are three options to develop your career:
    1)  You could be a sensory support worker. You would
    supplement the work of a sensory services team which assesses
    people in their own homes and arrange equipment, training and
    rehabilitation to meet their eligible needs. You will carry out
    assessments of people in the community with sensory loss and
    arrange services to meet their eligible needs. The salary will be
    2)  How about becoming an occupational therapist? You will work in
    partnership with a health team to assess the needs of vulnerable
    adults. You will provide innovative packages of care which support
    them in the community and on return from hospital. You will assess
    needs and design care packages that enable individuals to maximise
    their independence and remain living in their own home as long as
    possible. You will need to have an interest in working with adults.
    Your salary would be £26,000.
    3)  You could contemplate becoming a care manager. You would manage
    care packages within nursing and
    residential homes. You would provide an assessment, care management
    and social work service to older people. You would need five years’
    experience and a Criminal Records Bureau check would also be
    required. The salary would be £30,000.

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