Adolescent substance misuse


    Dr Ian Sutherland, Russell House Publishing

    ISBN 190385539X, £14.95

    Star Rating: 5/5

    The author was a psychologist whose work will be familiar to
    many; sadly he died soon after this book was published. Intended
    first for parents, the book has developed and can be used by a
    wider audience, Its message is that knowledge and awareness enables
    earlier preventive actions by those close to young people at risk.
    A great deal of information and expert knowledge is offered in a
    clear accessible form.

    Brief content statements for each chapter set the tone of
    clarity, informed simplicity and applicability. Readers can choose
    where to begin and can then work backwards, to deepen their

    Sutherland has no magic wand. He advises workers to be aware,
    communicate with the young person and seek help.

    This book provides a basis to avoid being overwhelmed by the
    task and find routes into assistance.

    Frances Croot is learning and development manager,
    Norfolk Council.

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