Open Up: Mental health media’s anti-discrimination toolkit


    Open Up, £174.95, available from

    Star Rating: 4/5

    At last, a comprehensive training resource to tackle
    discrimination that is aimed directly at people with experience of
    mental distress, writes Kay Sheldon.

    The pack has been developed with and mostly by mental health
    service users and survivors, which is evident throughout.

    The approach is upbeat, positive and focuses on taking control
    and personal development.

    The bulk of the pack consists of a training course Challenging
    Discrimination in Everyday Life intended to be taught to groups of
    mental health service users by an appropriately experienced

    The format is practical, accessible and can be supplied in a
    ring binder or as a CD-Rom with a supporting video or DVD. The
    course is both thorough and flexible, allowing it to be

    You are guided carefully, at times painstakingly, through the
    programme which includes comprehensive resource sections for both
    trainers and participants. The style is interactive and focuses on
    gaining the confidence and skills needed to overcome

    Who knows whether such a resource will have an impact on
    combating the discrimination faced by mental health service users
    but such a powerful effort is welcome.

    Kay Sheldon is a mental health service

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