Sick leave study explodes public sector myth

    A report has challenged the belief that public sector workers
    are more likely to throw a sickie than those in the private

    The TUC study found that short-term absence in the publicly
    funded organisations is 4.9 days a year, compared with 5.5 days in
    private companies.

    Other surveys have claimed that public sector staff take up to
    50 per cent more time off than private sector employees.

    The TUC also found that UK workers are less likely to take time
    off than other Europeans. General secretary Brendan Barber said:
    “Public sector staff are less likely to take time off for a
    short-term illness.”

    However, in another survey, the UK workforce was shown to be
    prone to fibbing.

    The study by Cyberslotz., a games website, revealed that
    workers told more than 1.4 billion lies to their bosses in 2004,
    with 68 per cent admitting to lying at least once a week. With the
    UK workforce numbering 30 million, this equates to nearly 47 lies a
    person on average.

    Throwing a sickie and lying about reasons for arriving late for
    work were the most common untruths.

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