Tools for tomorrow: A practical guide to strategic planning for voluntary organisations

    Tools for Tomorrow: A practical guide to strategic
    planning for voluntary organisations

    C Copemann et al, NCVO and Cass Business

    ISBN 0719916380, £35

    Star Rating: 5/5

    This good value guide will be refreshing and challenging for those
    organisations that have an established cycle for business planning.
    I wish that this guide had been put into my hands seven years ago
    as I began to lead a medium-sized, local charity into more
    strategic growth and development, writes Murie Weisz.

    The workbook well illustrates its quotation from Henry Ford that
    “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small

    It works through the stages of effective functioning:
    assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. It is also
    sectioned so that one stage could be examined separately from the
    others if that is what your organisation needs. Each section also
    draws on case studies, sound practice guidance, worksheets and
    appropriate tools for analysis.

    The section on cluster development, for example, may open up
    thinking about the collaboration that is increasingly expected of
    us. It will also be accessible and encouraging for smaller
    organisations that see business planning as being for “the big

    Murie Weisz is director of Family Care, an adoption and
    family support agency in Nottinghamshire.


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