Children’s workforce council launched

    The Children’s Workforce Development Council has been
    launched to help reform the children’s workforce.

    The workforce is currently fractured among many areas with
    different qualifications, rules, roles and ways of working.

    The Council will work with staff in early years, educational
    welfare, Connexions, foster care and social care, and assess
    whether qualifications in these areas meet national occupational

    Liz Morrey, council development director said there would be
    more need for children’s staff to work collaboratively as
    multi-agency teams become more prevalent. This will lead to the
    development of core skills common to all children’s workers,
    greater recognition by employers of different qualifications and
    more joint training.

    The council will be part of the new sector skills council for
    care and development along with the training body Topss England and
    the care councils for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Meanwhile, children’s minister Margaret Hodge said last
    month that the Department for Education and Skills would publish
    competences for children’s workers early this year.

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