Feltham prison warden suspended over allegations of “racist remarks”

    A prison warden from Feltham Young Offender Institution has been
    suspended from the Prison Service after he allegedly made racist
    remarks about a governor, an inquiry has heard, writes
    Maria Ahmed.

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    Zahid Mubarek

    James Arnold told the public inquiry into the death of Zahid
    Mubarek that a complaint had been made against him and he was
    currently suspended from duties, but he denied the allegations.

    Arnold was on duty the night Robert Stewart, then 19, killed his
    cellmate Mubarek, also 19, in March 2000.

    He was involved in dealing with the aftermath of the murder.

    Arnold also told the inquiry that he did not think racism was a
    “major cause” of physical violence in Feltham YOI.

    The inquiry, led by Justice Keith, previously heard how white
    prison officers had subjected an inmate from an ethnic minority
    background to a “racially motivated” attack.

    Former Feltham governor Nicholas Pascoe said that wardens had
    handcuffed one ethnic minority prisoner to cell bars and smeared
    black boot polish on his buttocks.
    The prisoner was later awarded £30,000 in compensation.

    The inquiry continues.

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