Struggle to breathe fire into the Dragon

    The creator of a controversial website that lets services in
    Wales share and access antisocial behaviour data has admitted
    difficulties in persuading agencies to sign up.

    The Project Dragon database, funded by the Home Office and the
    Welsh assembly, is due to be launched in April. It will be free to
    police, fire, probation, housing and social services, providing a
    secure site for them to report and publish details of perpetrators
    of antisocial behaviour. The information can be plotted on local
    area maps.

    But Paul Pan, the project’s principal investigator, told a
    London conference: “I’m having difficulties in persuading people
    that antisocial behaviour data-sharing is essential.”

    Agencies fear higher administrative workloads as data would have
    to be entered twice, once into their own systems and once into

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